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Q: I am pregnant. Can I use herbal medicines?


A: Yes herbal medicine may be used when you are pregnant but please do not buy over-the-counter medicines. Please consult a qualified NIMH accredited herbalist who will be able to advise you on which herbs are safe to take in this most important period of your life, and the forms in which you should take the herbs.


Herbs may also be used by women who want to incorporate themselves into a natural birthing plan. If you can contact Rosemary & Thyme Herbals in Edinburgh, we will be able to advise you on this.


The herbalist will also be able to provide you with advice about herbs and how they can help both you and your baby's health after the birth. This may be anything from dealing with stretch marks to baby's colic and nappy rash.


Do however remember to consult a qualified herbalist rather than self-prescribing.


Q: I am taking orthodox medications. Can I take herbs at the same time?


A: Some people are wary of trying herbal medicine because there is much confusion about whether you can take herbal medicines alongside orthodox medicines.


While some herbs and orthodox medicines don't mix, some others do. So it is important to see a herbalist rather than buying over-the-counter herbal extracts.


Your herbal treatment will be more successful in the long run and you will be safe. A qualified NIMH accredited herbalist will have the knowledge required to advise you on this issue.



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